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T Project Management course - 13 - 16 June 2011 - Limited Seats only....


Intensive Workshop Based on PMBOK 2008 Fourth Edition
(The Newest  Version) - PMI, USA

Time:              09:00 – 17:00
Schedule:      13 - 16 June 2011
Venue:           Ruko Garden Arcade (Central Park Podomoro City)

Investment:   Rp. 5,500,000 per participant (Price Before Tax 10%)
[Call for Early Bird Special]
Special Discount for group register (more than 3 participants)

Fee inclusive:
1 course material | 1 IntelliSys certificate of Attendance
2x coffee | 1x lunch

Knowledge of project management methodology is essential to a project manager's ability to define, plan, and manage projects predictably and efficiently. IT Project Management Workshop allows the participants to apply project management skills to the unique challenges of information technology (IT) projects with strategies developed in the field by experienced IT project managers.
Designed for both new and veteran IT project managers, this workshop is based on PMBOK 2008 – PMI,USA which covers the nine project management knowledge areas - project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk, and procurement - and all five process groups: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.
The Participants  will gain an understanding of the strategies and skills necessary to manage IT projects of any size. In addition, you will get Case Study of IT Project Samples and Tools consisting of Forms  and Templates to  enhance your IT project management capabilities.

Learn how to:

  • Understand and Apply PM processes (PMBOK 2008) into IT Project using Microsoft Project 2003/2007/2010.
  •  Develop a results-driven project management team
  • Identify customer requirements using proven techniques
  • Develop a focused project plan to manage the system implementation
  • Estimate IT project costs and schedules using simple techniques
  • Establish a dependable IT project control and monitoring system
  • Develop solutions to problems specific to telecommunications, software, hardware and systems integration projects
IT Project Management is a four-day intensive workshop  teaching proven techniques for managing IT projects. Areas covered include:
  • Project planning, estimation, execution, monitoring and control and closeout using Microsoft Project 2003/2007/2010 and PM Toolkit consisting of forms and templates.
  • Role of the project manager at each phase of the project lifecycle
  • Techniques to set goals tied directly to stakeholder needs
  • Challenges of software, hardware, systems integration & telecommunications projects
  •  Crucial considerations and focus areas to get the most from the project team
  •  Use of project management templates to get work done on time and within budget

The participants will learn IT Project Management skills through hands-on exercises, interactive case studies, and relevant discussions with your peers and an experienced IT Project Management instructor. This approach allows you to practice new skills.
At the end of the workshop, The presentation session on interactive project case studies will be  delivered by each  group of participants. And all participants will get the Case Study  Samples and  IT PM Toolkit consisting of Forms and Templates, and all relevant materials on IT Project Management. 

Day 1
PM Concept & Framework:
Definition on Project, related endeavors, Samples of Projects, The Triple Constraint, The Triple Constraint of Project Management, Project Management Framework, Project Stakeholders,
Project Management Knowledge Areas:
Nine Project Management Knowledge Areas, Project Management Tools and Techniques, Samples of WBS, Gantt Chart, Network  Diagram, How Project Management Relates to Other Disciplines, Project Management and Other Disciplines, The Project Management Profession, PM Knowledge Continues to Grow and Mature, Project Management Certification, Project Management Software 
The Project Management Context and Processes:
Project Phases and the Project Life Cycle, Phases of the Project Life Cycle, Product Life Cycles, Distinguishing Project Life Cycle sand Product Life Cycles, Why Have Project Phases and Management Reviews?, Many Organizations Focus on the Structural Frame, Functional Organization, Project zed Organization, Weak Matrix Organization, Balanced Matrix Organization, Strong Matrix Organization, Composite Organization, Stakeholder Management, Organizational standard, Fifteen Project Management Job Functions, skill for Project Manager, Good Project Manager? Project Manager responsibility.
Mapping PM Process to The Process Group and Knowledge Areas:
Project Management Process Group, Mapping PM Process to The Process Group and Knowledge Areas
Relationship among the PM Process Groups:
Initiating, Planning, Executing, Controlling, Closing, Interaction of PM Process Group.
IT Project and IT Project Management
Project Case Study Simulation
Project Scope Management:
What is Project Scope Management?, Project Scope Management Processes, Project Initiation: Strategic Planning and Project Selection, Identifying Potential Projects, Methods for Selecting Projects, Project Charters, Scope Planning and the Scope Statement, Scope Definition and the Work Breakdown Structure, Approaches to Developing WBS, Principles for Creating WBS, Scope Verification and Scope Change Control, Reducing Incomplete and Changing Requirements
Exercises and Integrated IT Project Case Study
Day 2
Project Time Management:
Project Time Management Processes, Where Do Schedules Come From? Defining Activities, Activity Sequencing, Project Network Diagrams, Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM), Task Dependency Types, Activity Duration Estimating, Schedule Development, GanttCharts, Critical Path Method (CPM), Finding the Critical Path, Using Critical Path Analysis to Make Schedule Trade-offs, Techniques for Shortening a Project Schedule, Multitasking, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), PERT Formula and Example, Controlling Changes to the Project Schedule, Working with People Issues, Using Software to Assist in Time Management.
Introduction to Microsoft Project 2003/2007/2010:
Microsoft Project Framework, Using Microsoft Project 2003/2007/2010 for creating a Project Plan.
Project Cost Management:
What is Cost and Project Cost Management?, Project Cost Management Processes, Resource Planning, Cost Estimating, Cost Estimation Tools and Techniques, Typical Problems with Cost Estimates, Cost Budgeting,  Cost Control, Earned Value Management (EVM), Earned Value Formulas, Using Software to assist in Cost Management.
Project Quality Management:
What Is Project Quality Management?, Project Quality Management Processes, Modern Quality Management, Quality Experts, Malcolm Baldrige Award and ISO 9000, Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Pareto Analysis, Statistical Sampling and Standard Deviation, Standard Deviation, Normal Distribution and Standard Deviation, Testing, Improving Project Quality, Leadership, The Cost of Quality, Project Management Maturity Model.
Exercises and Integrated IT Project Case Study

Day 3
Project Human Resource Management:
The Importance of Human Resource Management, What is Project HR Management?, Keys to Managing People, Motivation, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg’s Motivational and Hygiene Factors, McGregor’s Theory X and Y, Thamhain and Wilemon’s Ways to Have Influence on Projects, Ways to Influence that Help and Hurt Projects, Power, Improving Effectiveness Covey’s 7 Habits, Empathic Listening and Rapport, Organizational Planning, Sample Organizational Chart for a Large IT Project, Work Definition and Assignment Process, Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM), RAM Showing Stakeholder Roles, Staff Acquisition, Resource Loading and Leveling, Over allocated Individual, Resource Leveling, Team Development, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Reward and Recognition Systems, General Advice on Teams, Using Software to Assist in Human Resource Management, Resource Usage View from Microsoft Project, Resource Usage Report from Microsoft Project, Project Resource Management involves much more than using Software.
Project Communication Management:
Importance of Good Communications, Project Communications Management Processes, Communications Planning, a stakeholder analysis , Communications Management Plan Contents, Information Distribution, Media Choice Table, The Impact of the Number of People on Communications Channels, Performance Reporting, Status reports , Progress reports , Project forecasting , Status review meetings , Administrative Closure, Improving Project Communications, Conflict Handling Modes in Preference Order, Developing Better Communication Skills, Running Effective Meetings, Using Templates for Project Communications, Developing a Communications Infrastructure, using Software to Assist in Project Communications.
Project Risk Management:
Project Risk Management Processes, Risk Tolerance, Steps in risk management Practices, How to Identify Risks, Risks Identification Techniques, Documentation review, Brainstorming, Delphi Technique, Nominal Group Technique, Crawford Slip, Analysis, Exposure, & Prioritization, Risk Assessment: A Simple Classification & Tracking Method, Risk Assessment: Probability Methods, Risk Assessment Matrix, Risk Control, Risk Reduction, Contingency Planning, Risk Monitoring, Responses to Risk Matrix.
Exercises and Integrated IT Project Case Study
Day 4
Project Procurement Management:
Project Procurement Management Processes, Risk sharing principles, Contract strategy considerations, Contract Type based on Risk sharing principles, Discussion on Best Practice of Procurement.
Project Integration Management:
The Key to Overall Project Success: Good Project Integration Management, Project Integration Management Processes, Framework for Project Integration Management, Project Plan Development, Attributes of Project Plans, Common Elements of a Project Plan, Sample Outline for a Software Project Management Plan (SPMP), Stakeholder Analysis, Project Plan Execution Important Skills for Project Execution, Tools and Techniques for Project Execution, Integrated Change Control, Integrated Change Control Process, Change Control on Projects, Change Control System, Change Control Boards (CCBs)Making Timely Changes, Configuration Management, Managing Integrated Change Control, Overall Review Project Management Process.
Exercises and Finishing up the Integrated IT Project Case Study
Presentation of IT Project Case Study by Group
Overall Discussion on all aspects of IT Project Management Case-Study Projects
Case-study projects can be selected from many sources. This workshop provides many IT Project Case Study Collections for your consideration as a mean of simulation and case study. However, participants are also free to draw on their own project-case, type of project they face mostly in their daily work, as their case-study project. The exercise will go on from the project initiation process to project planning process, from project execution processes to project controlling and project evaluation process. The topic options for Case Study IT Projects including:
ü  Hardware and Telecommunications Projects
ü  Application/Software Development Projects
ü  Systems Integration Projects

To Register - Please call 630-6028…Hurry Limited Seats 

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